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Culinary Basics-Chefs in Training

Duration 10/6-11/03
Registration Fee $35(Apron Included)
Club Fee $100
Location MCSA

Bon Apatite is a fun cooking club specifically designed for children of all ages. We take the fear and unknown out of having a young chef in the kitchen by providing a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity. Students develop, build upon, and sharpen their culinary skills as they progress through our structured program week by week. Each class is a new experience with themes and exciting new programs that incorporate supplemental subject matter. Our instructors help to carry out our mission of teaching children the joy and value of cooking while developing a life-long love for life-long skills.

Weekly classes are the perfect place for students to sharpen cooking skills and stir-up creativity as they explore different themes each week set in 5 week sessions.

Not only do students experience new foods and preparation techniques, but the curriculum is designed to expand learning into the areas of math, science, history and important cognitive skills. Parents love watching as their "young chef" grows with confidence and knowledge as they create these recipes at home and develop life-long skills while having FUN.

Young chefs will learn basics in:

  • kitchen safety
  • cooking and baking techniques
  • presentation
  • table setting
  • manners
  • basic cognitive subject matter
  • Just Another List Item

Club Supply needs:

You can pay an additional fee of $15.00 and we will provide the cooking pack which includes your own;

  • Hair Net
  • Cutting Board
  • Spatula Set
  • Cooking Towel
  • Spray Bottle
  • Measuring Cups
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Basketball Fundamentals

Duration 10/6-11/03
Registration Fee $35(t-shirt included)
Club Fee $120
Location MCSA

Basketball Fundamentals Club offer basketball for kids (boys & girls) This club is based on a comprehensive course curriculum, which emphasizes basketball fundamentals. Such basketball fundamentals include ball handling, shooting, offensive moves, defense and inside play/rebounding, and Team Play.

The sessions are broken down per hr of training and instructions at a rate of $15 per hr two hrs per session. The instructor is an ex-professional athlete