NCAAU TACKLE FOOTBALL is excited to introduce Jermaine Smith as the new Regional Director for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Region. Jermaine is the President of the Southern Football Conference and will be instrumental in overseeing the growth in the Charlotte-Meckelenburg Region.


AAU Youth Tackle Footbal

Jermaine has a wealth of experience working with youth and athletics. He is the Founder/CEO of TAPS Inc., a non-profit organization in Charlotte, NC serving at-risk youth. Jermaine spent seven years from 1996 - 2002 as a player in the NFL, CFL and Arena Football Leagues. He has also served as an Assistant Coach in the High School rankings and a Head Coach on the Middle School level. Jermaine's goal is to prepare athletes for life beyond the playing fields.


Benifits Of Football

Football requires a lot of practice time. It also requires a commitment to physical fitness, skill development, learning plays and game planning. Youth football will also help a child develop positive work ethic. Developing a strong work ethic will better enable children to achieve their goals later in life.


Teaches Competitiveness

Football is a competitive sport. Playing youth football will encourage competitiveness in other areas of life. Players will have to compete in practice for playing time. Players will compete against other teams on game day. To be successful in life you need to be competitive. Being non-competitive often leads to underachievement, therefore football is good training for later in life..

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We are excited that your child will be attending a TAPS Before School. For the 2016-2017 school year, TAPS has an easy-to-use, secure online registration system that will allow you to complete many of the forms required for registering your child for various TAPS Services. .

Only parents and legal guardians may register students.
You will need to complete the entire application at one time. (You cannot save and return later.)
Completing the registration process will take approximately 5 minutes
We also encourage you to register as soon as possible because space in the program is limited.

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